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Fighting blindness in the Third World

by Nicklas Karlsson | July 23, 2011

Thanks to the persistent and ingenuity of two doctors, Sanduk Ruit and Geoff Tabin, victims of cataract in the Third world now move toward a future of regaining sight.

Cataract, which is the clouding of the crystalline lens in the eyes, gradually impairs sight and eventually causes blindness. In the developed world the disease is easily curable through a surgical procedure. However, in the Third world the victims often faces a dark future of blindness, due to the lack of educated professional in the remote areas of the world.
The Himalayan cataract project, headed by Dr. Geoff Tabin, has developed a simple and inexpensive technique to cure cataract. It involves a sutureless procedure with mass produced inexpensive high-quality intraocular lenses. As well as providing training and education techniques for replication to ensure that the growing population of blind people in the Third world will be served.
High up in the mountains of Nepal the two doctors were recently featured in a BBC show called Human Planet, were a camera team ventured up 13,000ft. since airing in February 2011 the show has brought light to the work of the two doctors, which have been flooded by support from an global audience. Due to the work of two men, who made it their goal to eradicate world blindness caught by a BBC film team, exposing them to millions of viewers, their goal is now closer than ever.

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