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Guatemalan women build unique partnership with leading US yerba mate distributor

by Pat Coate | December 07, 2008
"Sustainable Maya Nut harvesting within the rainforest is a robust, long-term economic alternative to the destructive land use practices which threaten the region, such as vast mono-crop plantations, clear cut logging and cattle grazing."
- Erika Vohman, Equilibrium Fund executive director

Ixlu Peten, Guatemala - Ensuring that ingredients are sourced in an eco-friendly and socially responsible manner is important to Guayaki Yerba Mate, an award-winning North American maker of invigorating organic drinks.

When Guayaki learned about the non-profit Equilibrium Fund and its mission to support women in the impoverished Central American region where Maya Nut is sourced for the Java Mate beverages, Guayaki worked with the Fund on a project to purchase Maya Nut directly from a pioneering women's business in Ixlu Peten, Guatemala.

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