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Internet activism stop F1 race in Bahrain

June 23, 2011

The Internet activism community obtained a victory in their rally against Formula 1 race in Bahrain. In the wake of the last month’s tumultuous upheaval in the Near East many regimes have been questioned on their human rights records.

When Bahrain opted for hosting a Grand Prix, managed to summon 500,000 signatures in protest as well as leaving 20,000 messages on the Facebook and Twitter pages of the F1 teams.

The protest came due to Bahrain’s brutal regime uses shotguns on peaceful protestors, as well as locks up doctors and nurses that treat the wounded protestors. Within 48 hours the Internet community managed to acquire more than half a million signatures in a petition to the F1 decision board to cancel the 2011 Bahrain race. Combined with a media firestorm and the unanimous objections of the F1 teams, the decision was made.

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