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Michigan Officials Seek Tough Clearing Rules

by Pat Coate | March 22, 2006
"This research has shown that protecting coastal wetlands and maintaining the integrity of the vegetation is more important ecologically than we ever knew before."
- Wil Cwikiel, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality official

"The DEQ staff will work with property owners through our permit program to ensure Michigan's citizens can enjoy access to our waters. At the same time, we will protect the bottomland vegetation that provides habitat for the vast populations of fish and wildlife that rely upon them."
- Wil Cwikiel, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality official

Traverse City, Michigan, USA - Tighter restrictions should be imposed on clearing vegetation from Great Lakes shorelines because it alters water chemistry and damages fish habitat, state regulators said.

Environmentalists say the vegetation growth is a natural occurrence and is important to preserve wildlife habitat and prevent erosion.

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