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Morocco pushes for law against gender abuse, child labour

October 22, 2010
"You have to fight this culture which makes child labour commonplace. Children are not there to provide for their parents' needs,"
- Najat Ikhich of the Ytto Foundation

For years, Moroccan activists and legislators have talked about how to end violence against women and the exploitation of young girls. With the current session of parliament slated to debate two new bills, defenders of women's rights are finally seeing a glimmer of hope.

While human rights NGOs have succeeded in getting several cases of cruelty against underage domestic servants covered by the media and punished by the courts, activists feel that only a new law can fully stamp out the widespread problem.

"Since 1995, we have been calling for a law to control the practice, because despite the awareness campaigns, this blight on society continues. We're still waiting for the necessary legal reforms," said Najat Ikhich of the Ytto Foundation.

Her long wait may soon be over. The Labour Ministry confirmed to Magharebia that action on the proposed child labour legislation is moving forward.

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