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New dolphin species discovered in Victoria

September 15, 2011
"It would be a shame to discover something and then and lose it. So we really are working hard to try and protect and conserve these animals."
- PhD researcher Kate Charlton-Robb from Monash University

Victorian researchers have discovered a new species of dolphin living right under their noses on Melbourne's doorstep.

The dolphins are found in Port Phillip Bay, and the Gippsland Lakes and in waters as far afield as Tasmania and South Australia.

Their discovery is cause for much celebration as it is only the third time since the late 19th century that a new dolphin species has been recognised.

The new species will be formally named Tursiops australis.

PhD researcher Kate Charlton-Robb from Monash University discovered the new species after comparing the animal's skulls to those of bottlenose dolphins.

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