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New Solar Program From SunEdison Aims to Eradicate Darkness in India

June 05, 2012
“This program is making electricity accessible to citizens in India who have never dreamt of having it in their homes or workplaces. We have the opportunity to improve standards of living by enabling sustainable changes in the lifestyles, health, education and community affairs of thousands of people.”
- Ahmad Chatila, President and Chief Executive Officer of MEMC

As technology improves and concerns continue to rise about energy availability and security, there’s much debate here in the U.S. about what kinds of energy sources governments and utilities should be looking to for future use.

In many developing nations, however, there is great debate regarding the nearly two billion people – one in every five humans on earth – who don’t have access to electricity. They depend on wood, coal, kerosene, even animal waste for cooking and lighting.

Such is the case in rural India, where some 400 million people go without electricity each day. And this makes the recent unveiling by SunEdison of the company’s “Eradication of Darkness” program – where it will design, install and manage distributed-generation solar power plants, to provide energy to Indian villages that have never before had access to electricity – all the more interesting.

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