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On Ancient Walls, a New Maya Epoch

by Pat Coate | May 18, 2006
"(The murals are) one of the greatest Maya discoveries of all time."
- Michael D. Coe, retired Yale Mayanist/San Bartolo visitor

"San Bartolo has created excitement and momentum for investigations deeper into the Preclassic period."
- Michael D. Coe, retired Yale Mayanist/San Bartolo visitor

San Bartolo, Guatemala - On the sacred walls and inside the dark passageways of ancient ruins in Guatemala, archaeologists are making discoveries that open expanded vistas of the vibrant Maya civilization in its formative period, a time reaching back more than 1,000 years before its celebrated Classic epoch.

The intriguing finds, including art masterpieces and the earliest known Maya writing, are overturning old ideas of the Preclassic period.

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