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Scientists discover ‘most important’ blue whale colony

by bungaraya | May 06, 2006
"What we are seeing is one of the biggest feeding and breeding sources, at least in the southern hemisphere"
- Ernesto Escobar

"The population of blue whales in Corcovado shows us that a large number do not migrate to Antarctica,"
- Ernesto Escobar

Chile - Scientists say they have discovered one of the world's most important blue whale colonies off the coast of Chile, where the endangered animals appear to be staying for the summer instead of migrating south to the Antarctic to feed according to their traditional migratory patterns.

On the trip, 65 blue whales and 51 humpback whales were sighted "which confirms the existence of one of the most important whale habitats in Chile and the planet", Ballena Azul said in a statement.

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