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Swiss Parliament Passes Plastic Bag Ban

December 20, 2012

Switzerland’s Parliament has approved a motion banning single-use plastic shopping bags. Both houses of the Swiss Parliament Thursday voted to forbid the distribution of the plastic bags. The next step is for the government to implement the ban.

In the current edition of “La Politique,” de Buman wrote, “At first glance, the plastic bag may seem a trivial subject. But behind this image harmless lies a real danger to the environment.”

Even the G8 acknowledged the problem, and at a session on the environment held in 2008, Japan, China and South Korea called on other countries in the world to give priority to reducing of waste production and the reduction of the manufacturing and the use of plastic bags. Many have heard this call and have banned plastic bags: China, France, Rwanda, Uganda, Eritrea, Australia and several states in India.

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