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Tesla Unveils Solar Powered Charging Stations

September 30, 2012

Tesla Motors unveiled the first of its six Supercharger stations in six California locations (Folsom, Gilroy, Coalinga, Lebec, Barstow and Hawthorne).

The Supercharger stations are powered by a solar carport system made by SolarCity, and will allow the Model S sedan to receive a 90 kilowatt (KW) charge, which will keep the vehicle going for 150 miles. The solar carport system is designed to generate more solar power over a year than the average Tesla vehicle requires. This will result, according to a press release by the car company, in a “slight net positive transfer” of solar power being generated back to the power grid. Tesla plans to install 100 Superchargers in “high traffic corridors” throughout the U.S. by 2015. It will start installing them in Europe and Asia in 2013.

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