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Tomb of royal Mayan found in Guatemala

by Pat Coate | May 02, 2006
"We are trying to identify the remains, which appear to be in good condition despite the collapse of the tomb's roof."
- David Freidel, Wak Archaeological Project co-director

"This may be the resting place of either the dynasty founder, a man we do not have a history for, or K'inich B'alam the First, the Maya king who allied with Siyaj K'ak', conqueror of Tikal in A.D. 378."
- David Freidel, Wak Archaeological Project co-director

Laguna del Tigre National Park, Guatemala - Building on a find by a Southern Methodist University specialist on Mayan ruins, a Guatemalan archaeologist has uncovered the remains of what could be an ancient Mayan king's tomb deep in the rain forest of Guatemala's largest national park.

Dr. Hctor Escobedo, co-director of the Wak Archaeological Project with SMU's Dr. David Freidel, has unearthed a royal tomb beneath the principal pyramid in the western center of Wak顡.

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