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The Great News Network was founded in October 2003. Its objective is to become a news organization that reports positive news which has the potential to inspire and motivate its readers to make a better world. If people see that there are steps being taken worldwide to improve the quality of life and state of the planet, then the belief is that they'll feel empowered to take positive steps to better themselves and their environment.

The great news network operates by having real people from all over the world actively searching online news sources for positive articles and submitting them to GNN through a news submission form.

You can contribute articles to the network as often or as little as you wish and even earn ad revenue on the articles you submit.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Become a member of the great news network.

Step 2: When you come across a positive news story on a news site, open a new browser window and visit the GNN article submission page (

Step 3: Complete the article submission form by entering requested article information like article title, URL where the article can be found, the first sentence of the article etc. When you finish entering the details, click the SUBMIT button.

Step 4: To control spam and to ensure that the article meets pre-defined guidelines articles will be reviewed by GNN editors before going live. It usually takes up to 24 hours for an article to appear on GNN. Logged in members are able to check the status of their submissions.

Step 5: (optional step to earn ad revenue*) If you are interested in earning advertising revenue (i.e. links on the right of this page are Google ads) from people visiting the articles you have submitted, you'll need to enter your Google Adsense Client ID* into your profile page. Don't have a Google Adsense account?

* The Great News Network reserves the right to end or modify the ad revenue feature at any time.

Your profile page can be found in the "my account" link which appears on the top of any page when you are signed-in to this site. Once you enter your Google Adsense Client ID, all current articles and any future articles that you submit will appear with your Google Adsense Client ID so that you will begin earning ad revenue from these pages.

You can check how much ad revenue you have earned from your submitted articles by logging into Google Adsense and checking your stats. You will receive an ad revenue check directly from Google once you have earned a certain amount of revenue specified by Google in their terms and conditions.

* Note: Your Google Adsense Client ID is not your login name for your Adsense account. A Google Adsense Client ID is used to track which adsense account to compensate when ads get shown. An Adsense Client ID would look like this: pub-5294900796123229. Click here to find out more about finding your Google Adsense Client ID.




The Great News Network is meant to supplement your daily news sources - not replace it. It's role is to show that there is hope, people are making a difference, and that a lot of things are getting better.

Optimism is a great catalyst for making the world a better place. When we can see there is hope, then we'll be more compelled to make the effort to do our part.

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