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Positive news from Alaska

More positive news from Alaska

Alaska’s Coral Gardens Get Protection

Source: Discovery Channel, Sun July 09, 2006
Alaska's rare coral gardens will be protected under a new federal rule setting large areas of the sea floor off-limits to bottom trawling.

Most Endangered Whale Gets Protection

Source: ENN, Sat July 08, 2006
Anchorage, Alaska - Thousands of square miles off Alaska have been designated as critical habitat for North Pacific right whales, considered the most endangered whale in the world.

Glacier Bay Popular for Humpback Whales

Source: CBS News, Tue May 23, 2006
Anchorage, AK - To the delight of tourists, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve continues to be a popular draw for humpback whales.

Whale Guide to Be Available in Russian

Source: CBS, Sat April 08, 2006
Anchorage, AK - A guide widely used by Alaska fishermen to help them avoid the world's most endangered whale will soon be available in Russian.

Ancient Cave Art Full of Teenage Graffiti

Source: Live Science, Fri February 17, 2006
Fairbanks, Alaska, USA - Many art historians and anthropologists believe Paleolithic cave wall art was done by accomplished shaman-artists, but mixed in with the finer paintings are graffiti-like scenes of sex and hunting.

Feds Move to Protect Polar Bears

Source: Environmental News Network, Thu February 09, 2006
Anchorage, AK - Amid concerns that global warming is melting away the icy habitats where polar bears live, the federal government is reviewing whether they should be considered a threatened species.

Groups sue to protect polar bears

Source: CNN, Fri December 16, 2005
Anchorage, AK - Three environmental groups sued the federal government Thursday, seeking to protect polar bears from extinction because of disappearing Arctic sea ice.

Inmates to Process Moose Meat for Charity

Source: Abilene Reporter-News, Sun November 27, 2005
Anchorage, AK - Alaska inmates at a prison work farm are taking on a new assignment: butchering the meat of moose struck by trains each winter along 68 miles of track.

Critical Habitat Proposed for Rare North Pacific Right Whales

Source: Environment News Service, Thu November 03, 2005
San Francisco, CA - NOAA Fisheries is proposing to protect 36,750 square miles of critical habitat in the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska for one of the world's rarest whales - the North Pacific Right Whale.

Letter carrier tackles suspected bank robber

Source: Anchorage Daily News, Sat October 08, 2005
Anchorage, AK - A letter carrier who heard the cries of "Stop! Thief!" tackled a suspected bank robbery suspect and helped detain him until he was arrested by police.

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