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Positive news from Antarctica

More positive news from Antarctica

A Wanderlust Of Deep-Sea Fauna Under Antarctic Ice Shelf

Source: Terra Daily, Thu January 25, 2007
Antarctic Peninsula - Under the former Larsen ice shelf east of the Antarctic Peninsula, deep-sea sea cucumbers and stalked feather stars were ubiquitously found in shallow waters.

Explorers Set Mark in Antarctica Journey

Source: ENN, Mon January 22, 2007
Sydney, Australia - A team of British and Canadian explorers endured seven weeks of howling winds and subzero temperatures to become the first expedition to reach the geographic center of Antarctica without any mechanical assistance.

NASA Video Tours Earth’s ‘Frozen Assets’

Source: Discovery News, Tue December 20, 2005
World - Now a white winter is available to all, thanks to an unprecedented digital video of Earth's coldest, iciest places just released by NASA.

Add Water, Life Stirs

Source: Live Science, Fri August 12, 2005
Boulder, CO - Microbes freeze-dried in Antarctica for two decades sprang to life when scientists added water, revealing yet another extreme ecosystem that shows life's incredible resiliency.

Progress made at conference on Antarctica

Source: The Australian, Thu June 16, 2005
Stockholm, Sweden - Delegates attending a conference in Sweden on protecting Antarctica have made substantial progress towards agreeing a deal on issues such as reaction to a major incident, the conference chairman said on Monday.

Expedition Reaches Antarctic Icecap Peak

Source: Xinhua, Sun January 30, 2005
Beijing, China - A 12-man Chinese expedition surmounted the highest icecap peak in Antarctica at 3:16 a.m. Tuesday, according to the polar expedition office of the State Oceanic Administration (SOA).

Japan is shipping home a half-century’s worth of garbage from Antarctica

Tokyo, Japan - Japanese researchers in Antarctica are getting serious about cleaning up the half-century's worth of garbage piled up at their base on the southernmost continent, an official said Thursday.

New Dinosaur Species Found in Antarctica

Source: Planet Ark, Fri February 27, 2004
Antartica - Scientists have discovered two new dinosaur species in Antarctica's frozen reaches, one a primitive carnivore that survived long after its closest relatives had gone extinct, the other a large plant eater found on a mountainside 400 miles from the South Pole, they reported yesterday.

UN Wants Rules for Bioprospecting in Antarctica

Source: Planet Ark, Tue February 03, 2004
Johannesburg, Angola - The United Nations said on Sunday rules were needed to prevent a free-for-all search for unique Antarctic organisms that can be used for pharmaceutical and other commercial purposes.

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