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Positive news from Arizona

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First Images from Mars Orbiter’s High Resolution Camera Wow Researchers

Source:, Sun April 09, 2006
Tucson, Arizona, USA - Scientists are delighted with early shakeout shots by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter using its High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera.

Smart glasses switch focus in an instant

Source: New Scientist, Mon April 03, 2006
Arizona - Glasses that change from "long distance" to "reading" mode at the flick of a switch could prove a revelation for many wearers.

Frisky Ferrets Bouncing Back

Source: Live Science, Wed January 11, 2006
Aubrey Valley, AZ - Thanks to conservation efforts and some exceptionally frisky behavior in the wild, the endangered black-footed ferret is making a comeback.

Arizona Farmers Welcoming Tourists

Source: ABC 7 News, Tue November 22, 2005
Phoenix, AZ - Some Arizona farmers are finding a way to squeeze a bit more money out of their land - by opening it up to tourists who want to learn how their meals get from the ground to the dinner table.

Healing power of pals

Source: Pharmacy Center, Wed November 02, 2005
Phoenix, AZ - Nine years - but little else - separate longtime friends Benny Yee and Lem Tang.

The Eco-Cowboys: Big land buys signal greens are moving into ranching

Source: Salt Lake Tribune, Sun October 30, 2005
Kaibab Plateau, AZ - If you're going to to break into the cowboy business, this is as good a place as any to do it.

Grand Canyon to Get Glass Bridge

Source: National Geographic News, Sun August 28, 2005
Grand Canyon National Park, AZ - Fear of heights? This is definitely no place for you. The all-glass, balcony-like "Skywalk"--shown in an illustration released this week--will extend over the edge of the Grand Canyon, 4,000 feet (1,200 meters) above the Colorado River.

Petition to list headwater and roundtail chubs gets further consideration

Source: Capitol Reports, Fri July 22, 2005
Phoenix, AZ - A petition to protect the headwater chub and the Lower Colorado River basin population of the roundtail chub under the Endangered Species Act has been found by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to have sufficient merit to warrant further consideration.

World’s largest telescope begins with a spin

Source: New Scientist, Fri July 01, 2005
Tucson, Arizona - Expert mirror makers are gearing up to cast the first component of what is planned be the world's largest telescope. When completed, its seven 8.4-metre mirrors will more than quadruple the power of today's best observatories.

Recycling turns into freecycling

Source: Houston Chronicle, Thu June 16, 2005
Tucson, AZ - Whatever you do, don't offer yourself or your children.

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