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Tasmanian Forest Deal Brings End to a Conflict While Saving Trees

Source: , Fri August 05, 2011
The federal Australian government has signed a deal with Tasmania which ensures the preservation of, at least, 430,000 hectars of ancient high conservation value forests.

Palm oil labeling bill passes in Australia’s Senate

Source: , Sun July 03, 2011
A bill recently rejected by the Senate Community Affairs Committee was passed by the Australian Senate. The bill called the Amended Truth in Labeling requires all products containing palm oil to be explicitly labeled as such. The bill was originally the incentive of Independent senator Nick Xenophon, as a means for Australian consumers to be aware of products containing palm oil.

Australia cracks down on illegal timber

Source: Mongabay, Sun December 19, 2010
The Australian government has announced the creation of new legislation which will put further restrictions on the import of foreign wood products in effort to halt the flow of illegally logged timber.

Frogs shows signs of comeback from disease

Source: New Scientist, Sat December 11, 2010
FROGS across Australia and the US may be recovering from a fungal disease that has devastated populations around the world.

LONGREACH Lifesaver Bazooka Wins 2010 James Dyson Award

Story contains video Source: Wired, Thu October 07, 2010
The Longreach Buoyancy Deployment System has just won the James Dyson Award. Its dull name rather obscures just how cool it is. The Longreach is a bazooka that fires life-belts up to 500-feet, targeting drowning-victims and saving their lives.

DNA testing catches up with illegal logging trade

Source: Sydney Morning Herald, Sat September 11, 2010
A SINGLE splinter of wood can now be traced back, via its DNA fingerprint, to the site of its parent tree on the other side of the world with a powerful new tool designed to stop illegal logging.

First Australian Aboriginal MP elected for Liberals

Source: BBC, Sun August 29, 2010
An Aboriginal man has been elected to Australia's House of Representatives, becoming the first indigenous MP in the country's history.

Penalties promised for illegal wood sales

Source: The Australian, Tue August 10, 2010
Australia - AGRICULTURE Minister Tony Burke yesterday promised that the government would make it a criminal offence to sell illegally logged timber.

Celiac disease culprits found

Source: BBC, Thu July 22, 2010
The precise cause of the immune reaction that leads to coeliac disease has been discovered.

Sperm whale faeces ‘offset CO2 emissions’

Source: BBC, Wed June 16, 2010
Sperm whale faeces may help oceans absorb carbon dioxide from the air, scientists say.

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