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Positive news from Belgium

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Nemo’s Secret: Clownfish Use “Snappy” Trick to Make Weird Sounds

Richmond, Virginia, USA - Movie magic gave a human voice to the hero of 'Finding Nemo.'

‘Follow the Women - Women for peace’ cycle ride gets underway

Source: AME Info, Mon April 23, 2007
Aleppo, Syria - 'Follow the Women - Women for Peace' cycle ride started from Aleppo University in northern Syria on Saturday, with 249 female riders from 30 countries crossing the start line and heading straight into the first 30km road section from Aleppo to the site of the historic Saint Simeon Citadel.

EU proposes 25 percent cut in new car emissions

Source: AFP, Wed February 07, 2007
Brussels, Belgium - The European Commission has called for new car emissions to be slashed by a quarter over five years, but greens accused the EU executive of watering down its plans under pressure from German auto makers.

Roadmap backs renewables

Source: BBC, Sat January 27, 2007
Cologne, Germany - Half of the world's energy needs in 2050 can be met by renewables and improved efficiency, a study says.

EU to ban imports of wild birds

Source: BBC, Thu January 11, 2007
Brussels - Animal welfare campaigners welcome an EU decision to make a ban on importing wild birds permanent.

EU Unveils Vast Energy Plan To Diversify Supplies, Protect Environment

Source: Terra Daily, Wed January 10, 2007
Brussels - The European Commission unveiled a vast plan Wednesday to diversify EU energy sources, slash carbon emissions and boost competition in the face of tension over Russian oil and gas supplies and global warming fears.

Donation to aid WFP’s operations

Source: Sunday Times, Thu July 27, 2006
Brussels, Belgium - The United Nations' World Food Programme (WFP) welcomed a 105 million euro donation by the European Commission for its global operations in 2006, most especially in African countries.

Europe plans giant eye on the sky

Source: New Scientist, Sun July 23, 2006
Europe - A giant telescope with a mirror up to 60 metres wide is being planned by the European Southern Observatory.

EU proposes tougher rules on pesticides

Source: Planet Save, Thu July 13, 2006
Brussels, Belgium - The European Commission proposed stricter rules Wednesday to regulate the use of pesticides including mandatory record-keeping of their use by farmers and a ban on aerial spraying.

Belgium to increase aid to eradicate poverty

Source: Irin News, Fri July 07, 2006
Bujumbura - Belgium has pledged to increase its aid to Burundi by 15 million euros (US $19 million) per year, the Belgian cooperation and development minister, Armand de Decker, has announced.

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