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Positive news from Belgium

More positive news from Belgium

Denmark may Compensate for GMO Contamination - EU

Source: Reuters News Service, Wed November 23, 2005
Brussels, Belgium - Denmark became the first European Union country on Wednesday to win EU permission to compensate farmers who have detected genetically modified (GMO) material in traditional or organic crops, the EU executive said.

EU Parliament toughens laws on chemicals

Source: International Herald Tribune, Thu November 17, 2005
Brussels, Belgium - The European Parliament on Thursday approved a law on industrial chemicals that will require companies for the first time to test and register their products to prove they are safe. The measure, approved 407 to 155 after rancorous debate, had been fiercely opposed by Europe's powerful chemical industry.

EU Launches New Measures to Protect Seas and Oceans

Source: Herald News Daily, Thu October 27, 2005
Brussels, Belgium - Climate change, oil spills and commercial fishing have put oceans and seas at risk, driving the EU's executive branch to launch new measures to clean up and protect waters surrounding the European Union.

UN focuses on forgotten Aids orphans

Source:, Wed October 26, 2005
Brussels, Belgium - In the face of this impending tragedy, Unicef along with UNAIDS and other organisations on Tuesday launched a global campaign - Unite for Children, Unite against Aids - to reach at least 80% of these children, the "missing face" of Aids.

EU bans import of exotic birds to combat avian flu

Source: The Independent, Wed October 26, 2005
Brussels, Belgium - The EU has slapped a ban on the import of budgerigars, parrots and all other pet birds as the authorities stepped up efforts to combat the spread of avian flu.

Aids virus ‘could be weakening’

Source: BBC, Thu September 29, 2005
Antwerp, Belgium - The virus which causes Aids may be getting less powerful, researchers say.

EU tackles air pollution in multi-billion euro plan

Source: ABC News, Wed September 21, 2005
Brussels, Belgium - Wide-ranging proposals to clean up Europe's polluted air won approval from the European Commission on Wednesday after a debate over the package's multi-billion euro price tag threatened to scupper it.

EU Sees Bird Migration Low Risk for Passing on Flu

Source: Planet Ark, Sun August 28, 2005
Brussels, Belgium - Migratory birds have only a low likelihood of being able to pass on a deadly strain of flu that has so far rampaged through six regions in Russia, the European Commission said on Monday.

New recycling law takes effect in the European Union

Source: Terra Daily, Sun August 14, 2005
Brussels, Belgium - The 25 member states of the European Union must from now on ensure that electrical and electronic appliances are being disposed of correctly, according to a recycling law that entered into force Saturday.

Annan hails Iraq ‘turning point’

Source: BBC, Thu June 23, 2005
Brussels, Belgium - UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has said international support pledged towards rebuilding Iraq marks a "turning point" for the country.

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