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Positive news from Brazil

More positive news from Brazil

New discoveries concerning pre-Columbian settlements in the Amazon

Story contains video Source: University of Gothenburg, Mon October 25, 2010
The pre-Columbian Indian societies that once lived in the Amazon rainforests may have been much larger and more advanced than researchers previously realized.

Brazil rescues farm workers from slave-like conditions

Source: BBC, Sun September 12, 2010
The Brazilian authorities say they have rescued 95 farm workers who were being kept in slave-like conditions in two south-eastern states, the official Agencia Brasil reports.

Scientists hope to collect electricity from the air

Source: PhysOrg, Wed August 25, 2010
Powering homes with electricity collected from the air may be possible after scientists report solving a centuries old riddle about how moisture in the atmosphere becomes electrically charged.

A splinter of hope in the fight against illegal logging

Source: Metro News, Mon August 16, 2010
Illegal logging has fallen by 22 per cent globally, and up to 75 per cent in the Brazilian Amazon and Indonesia.

Amazon deforestation in dramatic decline, official figures show

Story contains video Source: The Guardian, Sat August 07, 2010
Large-scale deforestation in the Amazon rainforest fell dramatically last year, according to official figures released yesterday.

10,000km walk along the Amazon River nears the end

Story contains video Source: CNN, Fri August 06, 2010
Ed Stafford, 34, from Leicestershire, central England, has been walking the length Amazon River since April 2, 2008, to raise awareness of the region.

Looking ahead, Brazil’s farmers take up reforestation

Source: Washington Post, Wed November 25, 2009
For nearly 20 years, Luiz Alberto Bortolini cleared trees and planted soybeans as fast as he could, one of many pioneers who turned this barren outpost into prosperous farmland.

Creative bus stops ease the commute

Source: Yahoo! Green, Wed October 28, 2009
Taking the bus can be a cheaper commute than driving a car.

Brazil September Job Growth Erased Recession

Source: Bloomberg, Thu October 15, 2009
Brazilian companies added jobs in September at the fastest pace in a year, allowing the economy to recover all the jobs lost during the global financial crisis.

Brazil eyes Amazon sugar cane ban

Source: BBC News, Sun October 11, 2009
The Brazilian government has unveiled plans to ban sugar cane plantations in environmentally sensitive areas.

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