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Positive news from Brazil

More positive news from Brazil

First global illegal fishing treaty agreed: UN

Source: SeedDaily, Fri September 04, 2009
A group of 91 countries have agreed on a treaty that will block ships involved in illegal fishing from entering signatory ports and thus help prevent the fish going to market, the UN said on Tuesday.

Amazon defender eyes Brazil presidency

Source: TVNZ, Mon August 31, 2009
Brazil's former environment minister Marina Silva took another big step on Sunday toward an expected presidential bid by joining the Green Party, which wants to field her in the 2010 race.

New publication shows index insurance has potential to help manage climate risks and reduce poverty

Source: EurekAlert!, Thu June 25, 2009
Climate has always presented a challenge to farmers, herders, fishermen and others whose livelihoods are closely linked to their environment, particularly those in poor areas of the world.

Rare Dolphins by the Hundreds Found in Bangladesh

Source: ENS, Sun April 19, 2009
The discovery of 6,000 rare dolphins in Bangladesh and new guidelines for marine wildlife viewing in the Pacific Islands are among the announcements made this week at the First International Conference on Marine Mammal Protected Areas underway on the island of Maui.

Brazil beefs up troops and forts to protect Amazon forest

Source: MercoPress, Mon January 05, 2009
Brasilia, Brazil - Defence Minister Nelson Jobim said the government will increase the number of troops in the Amazon from 17,000 to 30,000 and build 28 new forts on Indian land and conservation areas of the world’s largest rain forest.

UN disarmament events kick off in Republic of Korea and Brazil this article opens in a new window

Source: United Nations, Mon November 24, 2008
Two United Nations disarmament events kick off today in the Republic of Korea (ROK) and Brazil as part of the world body�s efforts to promote the non-proliferation of weapons across the globe.

Brazilian Air Force Flies Penguins South

Source:, Sat October 11, 2008
Sao Paulo, Brazil - Scientists aren't sure why nearly a thousand penguins got stranded far north of their normal migration area, on beaches along the equator in Brazil this year.

Sahara Solar Scheme Could Power Poor West Africa

Source: Planet Ark, Sun September 28, 2008
Accra, Ghana - West African legislators worried by climate change and soaring energy costs want regional leaders to back plans to harness sun and wind energy that experts say could bring electricity to some of the poorest people on earth.

Hoteliers go green to save the planet

Source: Calgary Herald, Sun September 28, 2008
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Hotels around the globe are competing for customers in a changing world that is demanding green.

Brazil unveils deforestation plan

Source: BBC News, Sat September 27, 2008
Brasilia, Brazil - The Brazilian government has pledged to end net deforestation by 2015.

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