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Positive news from British Columbia

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Canada snaps up hi-tech radar

Source: BBC, Tue August 09, 2005
Vancouver, BC - One of Canada's main airports is to install a sophisticated radar system that can automatically detect debris on the runway.

B.C. toxic water returning to normal

Source: The Globe and Mail, Sat August 06, 2005
Squamish, BC - Crews worked non-stop Saturday to clean up a train derailment that dumped thousands of litres of a toxic chemical into the Cheakamus River north of here the day before.

B.C. woman survives cold Pacific waters

Source: Globe and Mail, Wed July 13, 2005
Vancouver, BC - A woman fell off a sailboat and floated 24 kilometres across Georgia Strait overnight before she was rescued Wednesday.

Vancouver Says ‘No’ Wal-Mart

Source: Rapaport News, Thu June 30, 2005
Vancouver, BC - Vancouver has refused retail giant Wal-Mart Stores Inc., permission to open a store in one of Canada's largest cities.

Cannabis-Based Pain Med Finally Reaches Canadian Pharmacies

Source: Halifax Live, Tue June 21, 2005
Vancouver, BC - Canada has become the first country in the world to approve the use of a cannabis-based pain medication for use against the pain associated with Multiple Sclerosis.

Rare white bison born in B.C.

Source: CBC, Wed May 25, 2005
Fort St. John, BC - A buffalo rancher near Fort St. John in northeastern B.C. is bracing for scores of visitors following the recent birth of a rare white calf.

Leaders back electoral reform

Victoria, BC - The leaders of B.C.'s three main political parties have got the message: Voters want changes to the province's electoral system.

Green investing grows

Vancouver - When Real Assets Investment Management Inc. approached Kerry Ho about joining the Vancouver mutual fund firm as its chief executive officer, he jumped at the chance to be a part of a new trend -- socially responsible investing.

Pay-as-you go car insurance proposed

Source: CBC, Sat April 30, 2005
Vancouver - Vancouver city council plans to lobby ICBC to give B.C. drivers the option of paying for their insurance by the kilometre driven.

Beached, ailing grey whale swims away on rising tide

Source: Vancouver Sun, Tue April 26, 2005
Tsawwassen, Canada - A wrong-way whale returned to the depths last night, rewarding the day-long efforts of volunteers to keep it alive.

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