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Positive news from Chile

World’s largest radio telescope begins study of cosmic dawn

One of the 21st Century's grand scientific undertakings has begun its quest to view the 'Cosmic Dawn'.

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More positive news from Chile

World’s largest radio telescope begins study of cosmic dawn

Story contains video Source: BBC, Mon October 03, 2011
One of the 21st Century's grand scientific undertakings has begun its quest to view the 'Cosmic Dawn'.

Chile Bans Shark Finning: Congress Unanimous

Source: Discovery, Fri July 08, 2011
In a move that has made the country a new leader in shark protection, Chile yesterday banned the practice of shark finning from its national waters.

Scientists announce discovery of new species of seabird, the first in 89 years

Source: LA Times, Wed March 23, 2011
From photographs taken by noted ornithologist Peter Harrison and reports by members of a five-member multinational expedition, bird watchers are following what for them is the event of a lifetime: the discovery of a new species of seabird.

New fish species found deep below ocean surface

Story contains video Source: CNN, Sat October 16, 2010
Scientists have discovered a new species of fish living almost 4 1/2 miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

Joy as first Chile miners freed

Story contains video Source: AFP, Wed October 13, 2010
A global audience watched captivated on Wednesday as the first of 33 miners trapped for a record 68 days deep underground emerged into the cold night air of Chile's Atacama desert.

Drill reaches 33 Chilean miners; rescue near

Story contains video Source: The Seattle Times, Sat October 09, 2010
Chile's mining minister said late Saturday that the 33 miners trapped for more than two months will probably be pulled out starting Wednesday.

Chile mine rescue ‘set to begin in mid-October’

Story contains video Source: BBC, Sat October 02, 2010
Chile's mines minister says an attempt to rescue 33 trapped miners will begin in the second half of October - earlier than previously predicted.

Miners trapped in Chile mine for 17 days are alive

Story contains video Source: BBC, Sun August 22, 2010
Thirty-three miners who have been trapped underground in a Chilean mine for the past 17 days are all alive, President Sebastian Pinera has said.

John Lennon’s sons and Yoko Ono revive ‘Give Peace a Chance’ to help UN

Source: UN News Centre, Fri November 06, 2009
Celebrating the 40th anniversary of John Lennon and Yoko Ono recording the anti-war anthem Give Peace a Chance with the Plastic Ono Band, the United Nations announced today that the proceeds from the release of a commemorative single will garner funds for its peacebuilding efforts in countries emerging from conflict.


Source: Santiago Times, Wed September 30, 2009
Four years after a negligent Czech citizen, Jiri Smitak, accidentally started a huge fire in the Torres Del Paine national park in far southern Chile, part of the destroyed area is being replanted in native forest trees.

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