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Positive news from Colombia

More positive news from Colombia

New hummingbird species discovered

Source: MSNBC, Tue May 15, 2007
Bogota, Colombia - There's a new chirp in the forest.

Microsoft to open computer training centers in Colombia for former paramilitary fighters

Source: Sydney Morning Herald, Thu October 26, 2006
Bogota, Colombia - Software giant Microsoft Corp. has agreed to donate more than US$300,000 (euro240,000) to open computer centers where former paramilitary fighters will receive free training for civilian jobs, the government said Thursday.

Groups find colorful bird in Colombia

Source: USA Today, Tue October 10, 2006
Bogota, Colombia - A colorful new bird has been discovered in a previously unexplored Andean cloud forest, spurring efforts to protect the area, conservation groups said Monday.

Shakira to build school in her hometown

Source: USA Today, Fri October 06, 2006
Bogota, Colombia - Pop diva Shakira will donate the proceeds from a concert in her hometown to build an arts school for 1,800 children forced to flee their homes by Colombia's civil war.

Frogs thought to be extinct rediscovered

Source: New Zealand Herald, Thu June 08, 2006
El Dorado, Colombia - Two rare species of tropical frogs that were thought to have gone extinct have been rediscovered in a remote forest region of South America that was destined to be developed for holiday homes.

‘Extinct’ frog comes back to life

Source: BBC, Sat May 20, 2006
Colombia - Scientists have sighted a spectacular South American frog which had been feared extinct for a decade.

Passengers Freed on Hijacked Colombian Jet

Source: Guardian Unlimited, Mon September 12, 2005
Bogota, Colombia - A father in a wheelchair and his son used two grenades to hijack an airliner Monday, but peacefully surrendered five hours later after allowing the crew and passengers, including one American, to leave the plane, authorities said.

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