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Positive news from Colorado

More positive news from Colorado

A century later, the buffalo roam in Colorado again

Commerce City, Colorado, USA - After an absence of more than a century, wild bison were returned to Colorado's Front Range yesterday in full view of Denver's skyline.

CSU research finds benefits to green roofs: Method impacts energy costs, air quality and more

Source: The Coloradoan, Fri March 16, 2007
Pueblo, Colorado, USA - A Colorado State University study has found that vegetative covered roofing provides numerous benefits to a building's environmental and energy impact during the life cycle of a building.

Daisy the lost terrier shows up 1,300 miles from home

Source: Daily Mail, Sat January 06, 2007
Aurora, Colorado, USA - Seven months after disappearing from her yard in the western state of Colorado, a rat terrier named Daisy turned up in Knoxville, Tennessee, some 1,300 miles away.

Notice to sue filed over endangered plant

Source: Montrose Daily Press, Sun December 03, 2006
Denver, Colorado, USA - A Denver-based environmental group announced its intention to sue the federal government Friday.

City Approves Carbon Tax In Effort To Reduce Gas Emissions

Source: Amherst Times, Fri November 24, 2006
Boulder, CO - Voters in this liberal college town have approved what environmentalists say may be the nations first "carbon tax" intended to reduce emissions of heat-trapping gases.

Baby falls from 3rd-floor balcony into arms of waiting neighbour

Source:, Mon October 02, 2006
Denver, Colorado - DENVER (AP) - A baby girl dangling by one hand from a third-floor balcony was spared death when she fell into the arms of a neighbour who waited underneath, police said Sunday.

Earth-like planets may be common

Source: BBC, Thu September 07, 2006
Boulder, CO - Earth-like planets orbiting other stars may be far more common than had once been thought, a study suggests.

A Windmill for Your Backyard?

Source: Discovery Channel, Sat August 26, 2006
Golden, CO - A small, affordable wind turbine available for the first time this September promises to help homeowners fight the rising cost of energy.

Hurricane Forecast Revised Downward

Source: National Geographic, Fri August 04, 2006
Denver, CO - Forecasters at Colorado State University (CSU) have reduced the number of tropical storms they think will form in the Atlantic this season. But they still predict that three major hurricanes will form before November 30.

Dog of the wild going home

Source:, Mon July 03, 2006
Thornton, Colorado, USA - For more than 3 years, a Great Dane named Ariel, wandered the fields in northeast Thornton, too quick to be caught, yet enduring a lonely and tough life of Colorado snow storms, hail storms and heat. Now she's going home.

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