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Positive news from Egypt

More positive news from Egypt

Ancient tombs found near Giza

Source: Iafrica, Wed June 28, 2006
Cairo, Egypt - Egyptian archaeologists have discovered two ancient tombs near the great pyramids of Giza, the supreme council of antiquities said on Monday.

Egyptian Blogger Alaa Released

Source: The Moderate Voice, Tue June 27, 2006
Cairo, Egypt - Great news from The Independent: Alaa Seif al-Islam, a dissident Egyptian blogger from Manalaa has been released after 45 days of imprisonment.

In Egypt, a rare and surprising find

Source: USA Today, Fri June 02, 2006
Valley of the Kings, Egypt - Archaeologists in Egypt's Valley of the Kings were skeptical there was any more to find beyond the ancient workers' quarters they had been excavating for years. Then they unexpectedly found a shaft.

Egypt to excavate Roman city submerged in sea

Source:, Tue May 23, 2006
Egypt's North Coast - The Egyptian authorities have given the go ahead for the underwater exploration of what appears to be a Roman city submerged in the Mediterranean, Egypt's top archaeologist said on Monday.

Sheep in Cairo Thanks Australia for Animal Ban

Source: Planet Ark, Mon May 15, 2006
Cairo, Egypt - An activist dressed as a sheep presented a floral bouquet to the Australian embassy in Cairo on Sunday for its country's ban on exporting live animals to Egypt.

Ancient Alexandria On Display

Source: Spiegel Online, Sun May 14, 2006
Berlin, Germany - It's a good thing that the Martin Gropius Building has such high ceilings. It'll need them. The exhibit at the Berlin museum includes 15-ton statues sculpted from rose-colored granite that have spent millennia on the ocean floor.

Oldest wooden statues found in Egypt

Source: Khaleej Times, Thu March 23, 2006
Daqahliya Region, Egypt - Archeologists in Egypt have unearthed two 5,000-year-old wooden statues, complete with gold wrapping paper, believed to be the oldest such artefacts ever found, the team said yesterday.

New restoration project set for Egypt’s Sphinx

Source: Archaeology News, Fri March 17, 2006
Giza, Egypt - The Great Sphinx of Giza, one of the most famous images of Egypt, is going to receive some cosmetic surgery.

World’s Oldest Ocean Vessels Discovered in Egypt

Source: National Geographic News, Thu March 09, 2006
Near the Red Sea, Egypt - Massive wooden planks, ropes, and cargo boxes found in a series of caverns near the Red Sea have been identified as parts of the oldest seafaring ships ever discovered.

Ancient war goddess statues unearthed in Egypt

Source: MIddle East Online, Wed March 08, 2006
Cairo, Egypt - A team of Egyptian and German archeologists has unearthed six statues of the lion-headed war goddess Sekhmet during restoration work at an ancient temple in the southern city of Luxor, officials said Monday.

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