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Positive news from England

First liver cancer ‘chemo-bath’ in the UK

A "chemo-bath" which delivers toxic cancer drugs to just one organ in the body has been used on patients in the UK for the first time, say doctors.
"Previously, the outlook for patients specifically suffering from cancer which has spread to the liver has been poor because standard chemotherapy's effect is limited by the unwanted damage the drug causes to the rest of the body."
- Dr Brian Stedman

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More positive news from England

First liver cancer ‘chemo-bath’ in the UK

Source: BBC, Tue November 13, 2012
A "chemo-bath" which delivers toxic cancer drugs to just one organ in the body has been used on patients in the UK for the first time, say doctors.

London’s Eco-Friendly Olympic Games

Source: ENN, Mon July 30, 2012
The whole world has gathered in London for the Summer Olympic Games. It is the third time this city has hosted the games, and the nation is aiming to make it unique as the first "sustainable" Olympics.

Range of brain diseases could be treated by single drug

Source: BBC, Tue May 08, 2012
The tantalising prospect of treating a range of brain diseases, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, all with the same drug, has been raised by UK researchers.

London restaurants launch ‘straw wars’ campaign

Source: The Guardian, Thu February 16, 2012
Restaurants, bars ands hotels have joined forces to try and reduce the routine and 'unnecessary' use of plastic drinking straws.

Hepatitis C vaccine: Oxford researchers’ trial ‘promising’

Source: BBC, Sun January 08, 2012
An early clinical trial of a hepatitis C vaccine has shown "promising" results, according to researchers at Oxford University.

Dirty Nappies Recycled To Make Roof Tiles

Source: Sky News, Thu September 22, 2011
Britain's first recycling plant for disposable nappies is opening in a bid to reduce the huge amounts sent to landfill every year.

British rivers ‘healthiest for 20 years’

Source: AFP, Tue August 30, 2011
The renaissance of Britain's rivers was underlined on Tuesday when waterways once considered polluted to death were revealed as teeming with life.

ULTra PRT autonomous vehicles now operating at Heathrow Airport

Commissioned by BAA (Heathrow Airport's operator), the ULTra PRT transportation system, which utilizes autonomous electric podcars, has been launched at Heathrow Airport.

Drop in sexually transmitted diseases in England

Source: BBC, Fri June 17, 2011
For the first time in over a decade there has been a drop in the number of new sexually transmitted infections in England, figures show.

Has the green energy revolution finally arrived?

Source: MongaBay, Wed May 18, 2011
When historians look back at the fight to combat climate change—not to mention the struggle to overcome our global addiction to fossil fuels—will 2011 be considered a watershed moment? Maybe.

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