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Positive news from Finland

More positive news from Finland

Chocolate ‘makes for happy babies’

Source: BBC, Sat May 06, 2006
Finland - It could be the perfect excuse for mums-to-be everywhere this Easter. Scientists in Finland say eating chocolate during pregnancy may make for happier, livelier babies.

Boreal region gets protection

Source: Green Consumer Guide, Fri January 21, 2005
Finland - Large parts of Finland and Sweden's boreal (woodland) region is to be added to the European Commission's Natura2000 conservation scheme, in a move that will benefit various sensitive species and habitats.

20 Russian anglers rescued on floating chunk of ice

Source: Terra Daily, Sun December 19, 2004
Saint Petersburg, Russia - Some 20 Russian anglers floating on a chunk of ice in the Gulf of Finland were rescued Sunday by boat and helicopter, the local emergencies ministry said.

Light Aircraft to ‘Mother’ Endangered Geese

Source: Animal Planet, Sun August 22, 2004
Germany - German scientists plan to help endangered geese find a safer passage for their winter migration south from Finland and Sweden by making them believe that a light aircraft, which will lead the way, is their mother, Swedish media reported on Saturday.

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