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Prehistoric flute in Germany is oldest known

Source: Yahoo! News, Thu June 25, 2009
A bird-bone flute unearthed in a German cave was carved some 35,000 years ago and is the oldest handcrafted musical instrument yet discovered, archaeologists say, offering the latest evidence that early modern humans in Europe had established a complex and creative culture.

Natural cosmetics maker swamped with demand

Source: Reuters, Wed June 24, 2009
Natural beauty care products maker Dr. Hauschka is turning down offers for new markets at a time when rivals are struggling to persuade consumers to pay up for cosmetics.

Solar Collectors Covering 0.3 Percent of the Sahara Could Power All of Europe

Source: Popular Science, Tue June 23, 2009
Solar power is an exciting source of renewable energy, but has so far mostly been used to power little things like homes, cars and small villages.

Ambitious global pact on climate change in sight

Source: Calcutta News, Sun June 14, 2009
An ambitious and effective global pact to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is in sight, the top United Nations climate change official said Friday, as the latest round of negotiations wrapped up in Bonn, Germany.

Efficient New Light Unfolds Like Paper

Source: Discovery Channel, Sat June 13, 2009
The next time your lamp needs a new light bulb, you might change the lamp shade instead of the light bulb.

Nicolas Berggruen to open private Berlin museum

Source: The Art Newspaper, Sat May 30, 2009
The private collector Nicolas Berggruen, son of the late German-Jewish dealer Heinz Berggruen, plans to open a museum in Berlin to house his collection of modern and contemporary works.

Ancient figurine said to be oldest depiction of the human form

Source: Los Angeles TImes, Fri May 29, 2009
If only all of us could age so gracefully.

Europe unveils British astronaut

Source: BBC News, Thu May 21, 2009
Timothy Peake, a 37-year-old test pilot in the Army Air Corps, has been accepted into the European Space Agency's (Esa) Astronaut Corps.

Artificial Skin Manufactured In Fully Automated Process

Source: Science Daily, Wed May 20, 2009
Skin from a factory -- this has long been the dream of pharmacologists, chemists and doctors.

Museums Around the World Open their Doors at Night Offering Special Attractions

Source: Art Daily, Sun May 17, 2009
More than one thousand French museums showed their most original presentations and free of charges, this Saturday night to attract the public to the 5th European Long Night of Museums, which this year had the support from UNESCO.

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