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Positive news from Greece

More positive news from Greece

Oldest Perfumes Found on “Aphrodite’s Island”

Source: National Geographic News, Thu April 05, 2007
Rome, Italy - The world's oldest known perfumes have been found on the island reputed to be the birthplace of Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of love, lust, and beauty), Italian archaeologists announced last week.

Greek archaeologists discover ancient theater in Athens

Source: USA Today, Sun February 18, 2007
Athens, Greece - Sections of an ancient Greek theater were discovered on Thursday during construction work in an Athens suburb, archaeologists said.

Coin hints Cleopatra had good personality

Source: Seattle Times, Thu February 15, 2007
London, England, UK - So maybe Mark Antony loved Cleopatra for her mind.

Dig in Athens reveals ancient treasures

Source: The Hindu, Tue January 09, 2007
Athens, Greece - Like many treasures from antiquity, they were chance finds, but a fabulous hoard of more than 50,000 pieces unearthed during excavations in Athens has also provided a window on the ancient civilisation of Greece.

Ancient Greek Computer’s Inner Workings Deciphered

Source: National Geographic News, Thu November 30, 2006
Antikythera Island, Greece - When it came to making cogs and gears, the ancient Greeks got there more than a millennium before anyone else, scientists say.

Greece reclaiming plundered heritage

Source: Mercury News, Sat September 02, 2006
Athens, Greece - Greece vowed Thursday to reclaim the country's plundered heritage after two sculptures were returned by the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

Green Gospels: Environmental movement aims for religious mainstream

Source: USA Today, Mon July 10, 2006
Athens, Greece - More than a decade ago on an Aegean island, the spiritual leader of the world's Orthodox Christians made a startling proposition: That pollution and other attacks on the environment could be considered sins.

Holland America ship rescues 22

Aegean Sea - A Carnival Corp. & PLC cruise ship on early Tuesday rescued 22 people from the Aegean Sea in waters between Turkey and Greece, the cruise company's Holland America line reported.

Technology allows researchers new views of Europe’s oldest manuscript

Source: The Olympian, Sun June 04, 2006
Athens, Greece - The burnt remains of a 2,400-year-old scroll buried with an ancient Greek nobleman might help unlock the secrets of early monotheistic religion - using new digital technology.

Fisherman Nets Ancient Statue in Greece

Source: CBS News, Wed May 10, 2006
Athens, Greece - A Greek fisherman has handed over to authorities a large section of an ancient bronze statue brought up in his nets in the Aegean Sea, officials said on Monday.

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