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Looted Maya Treasure Returned Anonymously

Source: National Geographic, Sun June 11, 2006
Guatemala - A 1,500-year-old Maya stone box that had been looted from a Guatemalan cave has been returned by an unnamed collector.

On Ancient Walls, a New Maya Epoch

Source: New York Times, Thu May 18, 2006
San Bartolo, Guatemala - On the sacred walls and inside the dark passageways of ancient ruins in Guatemala, archaeologists are making discoveries that open expanded vistas of the vibrant Maya civilization in its formative period, a time reaching back more than 1,000 years before its celebrated Classic epoch.

Tomb of royal Mayan found in Guatemala

Source: MSNBC, Tue May 02, 2006
Laguna del Tigre National Park, Guatemala - Building on a find by a Southern Methodist University specialist on Mayan ruins, a Guatemalan archaeologist has uncovered the remains of what could be an ancient Mayan king's tomb deep in the rain forest of Guatemala's largest national park.

Central America Eyes Sweet Alternative to Oil

San Antonio Suchitepequez, Guatemala - At the Palo Gordo refinery two hours' drive south of Guatemala City, a Brazilian-designed ethanol processing plant hums next to decades-old machinery turning freshly cut cane into sugar.

Ancient Maya Mural Unveiled

Source: Discovery Channel, Sat December 17, 2005
San Bartolo, Guatemala - U.S. archaeologists have discovered the "Sistine Chapel" of the Maya civilization - a finely painted, well preserved mural depicting the Maya creation myth and the crowning of a king.

Long-Sought Maya City Found in Guatemala

Source: National Geographic News, Sat October 01, 2005
Peten Region, Guatemala - An archaeologist seeking refuge from hungry mosquitoes in the Guatemalan rain forest has solved the 45-year-old mystery of the location of Site Q.

Satellites used to track vanishing jaguars

Source: Navhind Times, Fri May 20, 2005
Laguna Del Tigre, Guatemala - To the ancient Maya Indians who once built elaborate cities in the Guatemalan jungle, the jaguar�s spotted pelt represented the stars in the night sky.Now the Western Hemisphere�s biggest cat is being tracked from space.

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