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Cheetah will run again in India

Source: BBC, Fri July 30, 2010
The cheetah, eradicated in India by hunting nearly a century ago, will run again in the country, as three sites are earmarked for its reintroduction.

New Delhi’s “Miracle Metro”

Story contains video Source: CNN, Sun April 11, 2010
Why is New Delhi's Metro considered an urban miracle? CNN's Mallika Kapur reports.

Common Wealth Games 2010 to be ‘solar powered’ by Reliance

Source: PR, Wed April 07, 2010
RIL Solar Group implements Solar Power requirements for the Games Commissions India’s first 1MW solar PV power plant

Vedanta promotes Culture and Livelihood of Tribal People in Orissa

Source: allvoices, Mon April 05, 2010
Vedanta Aluminium Limited, a subsidiary of global mining and metal group Vedanta Resources is committed for protection and promotion of culture and livelihood of tribal people at its vicinity. In order to promote the culture and lifestyle of Dongria Kondhs, an indegenous tribal group near near its Alumina Refinery at Lanjigarh, Kalahandi (Orissa), the Aluminium maker has developed a thematic notebook with excellent photography by Mr. Satyaki Ghosh, the well-known photographer.

The twist in the Kondh struggle

Source: allvoices, Wed March 31, 2010
Funded by VAL, Jitu is doing an undergraduate course in business management from a private institute in Bhubaneswar, and he says he will work to convince his people that the mining will not destroy their lives. “A few of us, the educated boys of our community, have formed an association to support Vedanta. I am sure we can convince the others,” he says.

First India-Pakistan talks since 2008 Mumbai attacks

Source: BBC, Thu February 25, 2010
India and Pakistan have begun their first high-level talks since the devastating attacks on the Indian city of Mumbai (Bombay) at the end of 2008.

India’s Last “Dancing”, Endangered Bear Set Free

Source: Planet Ark, Mon December 28, 2009
Raju the bear will never have to smoke cigarettes or dance on his hind legs under the hot sun again thanks to a multinational project to save an endangered species and end a cruel centuries-old tradition in India.

Religare makes me proud to be Indian!

Source: Business Standard, Wed December 23, 2009
Religare aims to become one of the top financial services companies globally, and in double-quick time.

Powered By Trash

Source: Yanko Design, Fri November 13, 2009
A lamppost powered by trash seems like a strange idea but if you think about the ratio between city trash and energy needs – things start to make sense, kinda.

‘Ink blots’ for better web security

Source: Sideways News, Thu November 05, 2009
They are a minor inconvenience to most internet users - scrambled images requiring the input of a code or text to separate humans from software bots.

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