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Positive news from Iraq

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Women Entrepreneurs in Baghdad Making Their Own Light

Source: AOL News, Tue January 18, 2011
Wafa'a makes candles. A widow with four sons living in Baghdad, Iraq, her husband was killed when a mortar dropped into her store years ago. But despite being a woman living in one of the most dangerous places in the world, she started a business. Someday soon, she hopes to have a factory.

Iran, regional nations sign accord to tackle sand storms

Source: Terra Daily, Thu September 30, 2010
Iran, Iraq, Syria, Qatar and Turkey have inked an accord in Tehran aimed at tackling the problem of sand storms within the next five years, local media reported on Thursday.

Last US combat brigade exits Iraq

Story contains video Source: BBC, Thu August 19, 2010
The last US combat brigade in Iraq has left the country, seven years after the US-led invasion.

Obama confirms plan for US troop withdrawal from Iraq

Story contains video Source: BBC, Mon August 02, 2010
US President Barack Obama has confirmed the end of all combat operations in Iraq by 31 August.

Iraq Welcomes Its First All-Women Bank Branch

Source: Medindia, Wed November 11, 2009
An Iraqi bank has inaugurated the country's first branch entirely dedicated to and operated by women.

Iraqi Teen Solves 300-Year-Old Math Puzzle in Four Months

Source: Fox News, Fri May 29, 2009
An Iraqi-born 16-year-old reportedly has cracked a math puzzle that has gone unsolved for over 300 years.

Iran frees U.S. journalist Roxana Saberi

Source: Los Angeles Times, Tue May 12, 2009
A copy of a classified Iranian government report about the U.S. war in Iraq in the possession of journalist Roxana Saberi was a key piece of evidence that led to her conviction on espionage charges, one of the Iranian American journalist's lawyers disclosed Monday.

Iraq commits $30 million for children

Source: UNICEF, Wed May 06, 2009
Iraq’s Ministry of State for Marshlands has committed $30 million for projects to assist children in rural areas of the Marshlands region in 2009.

Iraq’s treasure trove national museum reopens

Source: AFP, Tue February 24, 2009
Baghdad, Iraq - The Iraq Museum reopened almost six years after its ancient treasures were looted in the chaotic aftermath of the US-led invasion.

Iraq: UN official welcomes creation of human rights commission this article opens in a new window

Source: United Nations, Mon November 17, 2008
The top United Nations official in Iraq today welcomed the country's establishment of an independent commission to promote and protect human rights in the troubled Middle East country.

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