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Positive news from Iraq

More positive news from Iraq

Killing of Zarqawi “new beginning” for Iraq

Source: Swiss Info, Fri June 09, 2006
Baghdad, Iraq - The killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is a "new beginning" for Iraq, the interior minister said on Friday, but authorities imposed a traffic ban in an apparent effort to prevent al Qaeda reprisal attacks.

Fight a more sensitive, ethical war, troops told

Source: Scotsman, Fri June 02, 2006
Washington, DC - American troops in Iraq are to undergo retraining in moral and ethical standards, the most senior US commander in the country announced yesterday.

Iraqi educators praise new virtual science library

Source: San Jose Mercury News, Wed May 03, 2006
Baghdad - A new U.S.-designed virtual science library for Iraqi universities is a big hit with Iraqi researchers and students, who for decades went without up-to-date journals or studied abroad where they could find them.

Defying bombs, Baghdad school teaches music, ballet

Source: Zee News, Sun April 30, 2006
Baghdad - The cellos were once looted by roaming armed gangs and suicide bombers have shattered the ballerinas' mirror-paneled halls.

Hero Scots Medic Saves His Captain

Source: Daily Record, Wed April 26, 2006
Bashra, Iraq - A heroic Scottish soldier yesterday relived the moment an Iraqi blast killed an interpreter and blew off his commander's arm.

Iraq’s greatest treasure to start world tour in Washington, DC in 2007

Source: The Art Newspaper, Wed April 12, 2006
London, England, UK - The international tour of Iraq's greatest treasure, the Nimrud gold, should begin in Washington, DC, next February ... and should raise around $10m for Iraq's National Museum.

Freedom for three Western peace activists and hopes for Jill Carroll

Source: Sign on San Diego, Thu March 23, 2006
Baghdad, Iraq - U.S. and British forces stormed a house and freed three Christian peace activists Thursday without firing a shot, ending a four-month hostage ordeal that saw an American in the group killed and dumped along a railroad track.

Iraq: UN commends countrywide participation in inclusive elections

Source: UN News Centre, Fri December 16, 2005
New York, NY - The United Nations today commended the Iraqi people for their active nationwide participation in yesterday�s elections, congratulated the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq (IECI) for the conduct of the poll, and pledged its continued support on the path to peace and democracy in the strife-torn country.

United Nations outlines plans to clean toxic sites in Iraq

Source: Capitol Reports, Thu November 24, 2005
New York City, NY - The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has announced plans to clean up an industrial site in Iraq believed to hold several tons of an acutely toxic compound that is lethal at a dose of less than one gram.

India to send fortified biscuits for Iraqi children

Source: WebIndia123, Fri November 04, 2005
New Delhi - Renewing its commitment to the rebuilding of a nation ravaged by war, India will be gifting fortified biscuits for school children in Iraq next week.

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