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Former Israeli pres. Katsav gets 7yrs in jail for rape

Source: City TV, Fri March 25, 2011
The conviction of a former president on rape charges is virtually unheard of anywhere in the developed world. The conviction and sentence is being held up as a victory for women’s rights in Israel.

Israeli extends helping hand to sick Palestinians this article opens in a new window

Story contains video Source: CNN, Sun February 06, 2011
After his brother was murdered by Hamas, Yuval Roth turned his loss into a way to promote peace. He and his organization, On the Road to Recovery, transport sick Palestinians into Israel so they can receive quality medical care.

Israel overpowers deadly blaze after four-day battle

Source: Sydney Morning Herald, Tue December 07, 2010
Firefighters have overpowered the deadly blaze which tore through a forest in northern Israel after a four-day battle aided by aircraft from around the world, officials said on Sunday.

Israel and Palestine Declare War… Against Climate Change

Source: Green Prophet, Thu October 28, 2010
Israel and the Palestinian Authority are among 15 Mediterranean nations who have just signed a historic agreement to work together to combat the effects of climate change, one month ahead of the next United Nations conference on climate change, meeting at Cancun in November.

Coral Oasis Found In Mediterranean Desert

Source: Terra Daily, Fri October 08, 2010
The exploration vessel Nautilus, with a team of experts of the University of Haifa's Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences , headed by Prof. Zvi Ben Avraham, discovered for the first time an area of reefs with deep-sea corals in the Mediterranean, offshore of Israel.

Enemies unite for world record hummus

Source:, Sun January 10, 2010
Israeli Arab and Jewish chefs have served up a world record for cooking hummus in the name of Middle East peace.

Planned City “Rawabi” Draws on Palestinian Enterprise and Israeli Experience

Source: Green Prophet, Sun December 06, 2009
For many Palestinians, the norm is tight-quartered living with barely a garden in sight, no defined sidewalks and a poor water system. But this is about to change with an ambitious plan for a new way of living.

Sweet smell of nostalgia

Source: Sideways News, Thu November 12, 2009
Whether freshly cut grass or school dinners, there are certain odours that have lodged themselves in our emotional memory, instantly invoking a wave of nostalgia on first whiff.

One of the World’s Oldest Synagogues Uncovered Near the Sea of Galilee in Israel

Source: TVN, Sun October 11, 2009
A 2,000-year-old synagogue from the Second Temple period was discovered this month during archaeological excavations by the Israel Antiquities Authority in Migdal near the Sea of Galilee.

Killing Cancer Like A Vampire Slayer: New Drug Cuts Off Blood Supplies To Starve Cancer Tumors

Source: ScienceDaily, Fri October 02, 2009
Like vampires, cancer tumors require an ample supply of blood to stay alive ... Without fresh blood for sustenance, cancer cells shrivel up like raisins and die.

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