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Positive news from Israel

More positive news from Israel

Owls replace pesticides in Israel

Source: BBC News, Wed May 27, 2009
Owls and kestrels are being employed as agricultural pest controllers in the Middle East.

Palestinian village welcomes Israeli shoppers

Source: Reuters, Mon April 27, 2009
Linoy, a five-year-old Israeli girl, happily nibbled some chocolate as she accompanied her parents on a shopping spree on a busy street with storefront signs written in Hebrew.

Vatican, Arab League to work to promote peace

Source: KSL, Sun April 26, 2009
The Holy See and the Arab League have agreed to work together to promote peace and justice in the world, the Vatican said Friday, after a meeting between Pope Benedict XVI and the league's secretary-general.

Peace is possible in Middle East, professor says

Source: San Bernardino Sun, Wed February 25, 2009
Claremont, California, USA - Sari Nusseibeh kept his discussion short but to the point Monday night.

Archaeologists Unearth Gold Coins in Jerusalem

Source: Voice of America, Tue December 23, 2008
Jerusalem, Israel - Archaeologists in Israel said they have unearthed more than 250 gold coins dating back to the seventh century A.D., making it the largest cache of gold coins from that period ever found in Jerusalem.

Electric shock: East coast network by 2012

Source: GoAuto, Mon November 10, 2008
Eastern Coast of Australia - Australians could soon be able to sign up for an electric car in much the same way they do now for a mobile phone -- even getting a new car for nothing and paying only for the running costs, equivalent to what we now pay for petrol.

Jerusalem ancient walls unveiled this article opens in a new window

Source: BBC, Thu September 04, 2008
Archaeologists in Jerusalem give a sneak preview of newly exposed 2,100-year-old walls to the south of the Old City.

Roman temple found under church this article opens in a new window

Source: BBC, Tue August 12, 2008
Israeli archaeologists have uncovered the ruins of a Roman temple beneath the foundations of a church.

Israel and Hamas reach Gaza truce deal this article opens in a new window

Source: AFP, Tue June 17, 2008
GAZA CITY (AFP) - Israel and the Islamist Hamas movement have agreed to begin a Gaza truce in two days, Egyptian mediators said Tuesday after months of negotiations to try to halt bloodshed in and around the impoverished territory.

Saudi King makes plea for new interfaith dialogue

Source: Moderate Observer, Fri April 04, 2008
RIyadh, Saudi Arabia - The Saudi king has made an impassioned plea for dialogue among Muslims, Christians and Jews -- the first such proposal from a nation with no diplomatic ties to Israel and a ban on non-Muslim religious services and symbols.

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