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DNA found in fossil bone crystal clusters

Source: PhysOrg, Wed September 14, 2005
Rehovot, Israel - Ancient DNA preserved in bones is valuable in studying the genetics and evolution of animals, including humans. However, DNA degradation and the potential of contamination make obtaining reliable samples difficult, especially in humans.

Israel, Pakistan Ministers Meet in Historic First

Source: Voice of America, Thu September 01, 2005
Jerusalem - The Israeli and Pakistani foreign ministers met for talks Thursday in Istanbul, in the first acknowledged high-level contact between the two countries.

Israeli start-ups work on environmental technology

Source: Washington Post, Wed June 22, 2005
Tel Aviv, Israel - Israeli entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, who traditionally have focused on software, electronics and medical devices, now see a growing opportunity to make money from technology to clean up the environment.

Jordan, Israel, PA sign canal study

Source: Washington Times, Mon May 09, 2005
Amman, Jordan - Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Authority Monday signed an agreement to conduct a feasibility study on building a canal linking the Dead and Red seas.

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