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Positive news from Italy

Europe’s key animals ‘making a comeback’

Some of Europe's key animals have made a comeback over the past 50 years, a report suggests.
"And I think what the rest of the world can learn from this is that conservation actually works. If we have the resources, a proper strategy, if we use our efforts, it actually works."
- Frans Schepers, the organisation's director of Rewilding Europe

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More positive news from Italy

Europe’s key animals ‘making a comeback’

Story contains video Source: BBC, Thu September 26, 2013
Some of Europe's key animals have made a comeback over the past 50 years, a report suggests.

Italy to begin ban on plastic bags in shops

Source: BBC, Sat January 01, 2011
A ban on plastic bags is coming into effect in Italy, which has one of the highest rates of consumption of the bags in Europe.

Whale alert system being tested in Mediterranean

Story contains video Source: BBC, Tue September 14, 2010
A system designed to reduce the number of whales colliding with ships is being tested in the Mediterranean.

Ultraviolet light reveals how Greek statues really looked

Source: Colour Lovers, Sat August 21, 2010
A recent touring exhibition is turning a long held common belief on its head. The common perception is that the great statues and buildings of ancient Greece and Rome were all pure unpainted stone or green tarnished bronze, but researchers have been arguing that this may not been what these classic monuments really looked like back in the era of their creation.

Italian scientists’ ‘wood to bone’ medical breakthrough

Source: BBC, Sat January 02, 2010
Scientists in Italy have discovered a way of making artificial replacement bones out of wood.

VisionWorks Award 2009: Big Prizes for Vertical Gardens, Bacteria Packaging and More

Source: Cargo77, Thu November 12, 2009
Congrats to Manuel Dreesmann who received the first prize at this year's VisionWorks Award -- Cargopacks 2020.

Club of Rome: Global thinkers tackle warming this article opens in a new window

Source: Sideways News, Fri October 23, 2009
The Club of Rome will hold a Global Assembly about climate, energy and economic recovery between 26th and 27th October in Amsterdam.

Finger points to new da Vinci art

Source: BBC News, Thu October 15, 2009
A new Leonardo da Vinci portrait may have been discovered after a fingerprint found on it seemed similar to another discovered on his work.

G8 pledges to boost food supplies

Source: BBC, Fri July 10, 2009
Leaders of the G8 developed nations have pledged $20bn (£12bn) for efforts to boost food supplies to the hungry, on the final day of a summit in Italy.

Nude, Mona Lisa-like painting surfaces

Source: MSNBC, Sat June 13, 2009
Leonardo da Vinci, in a Renaissance version of Mad Magazine, may have painted his famous Mona Lisa in a number of ways, including nude.

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