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Uganda Trees First in Africa to Count as CO2 Emissions Reductions

Source: ENS, Wed October 07, 2009
Pines and a mix of native African trees will soon cover what is now grassland within Uganda's Rwoho Central Forest Reserve, an upper watershed of Lake Victoria.

Tokyo enters ‘Green Olympics’ bid

Source: Sideways News, Thu October 01, 2009
Tokyo has vowed to make the 2016 Olympic Games a thoroughly green affair should it be successful in its bid to host.

First global illegal fishing treaty agreed: UN

Source: SeedDaily, Fri September 04, 2009
A group of 91 countries have agreed on a treaty that will block ships involved in illegal fishing from entering signatory ports and thus help prevent the fish going to market, the UN said on Tuesday.

Taiwan: Relief goods continue pouring in from abroad

Source: China Post, Sat August 29, 2009
Relief goods continued to pour into Taiwan from abroad yesterday, while the United States is dispatching two heavy-lift helicopters, one of which is expected to arrive today to carry large crane excavators to the flood-ravaged area to help re-open blocked routes of transportation.

Most complete Earth map published

Source: BBC, Tue June 30, 2009
The most complete terrain map of the Earth's surface has been published.

Flower power to stem burglaries in Tokyo

Source: Brunei Times, Tue June 16, 2009
A Tokyo district plagued with burglaries has turned to planting flowers to beautify its streets and help stamp out crime.

Ambitious global pact on climate change in sight

Source: Calcutta News, Sun June 14, 2009
An ambitious and effective global pact to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is in sight, the top United Nations climate change official said Friday, as the latest round of negotiations wrapped up in Bonn, Germany.

U.S. airman spots aircraft fuel leak at 35,000 feet on Narita-bound flight

Source: Japan Today, Fri May 22, 2009
Most of us hear stories of Airmen saving lives in combat, but a U.S. airman who saves the lives of more than 300 passengers is definitely a story worth hearing.

News Analysis: Path to healthy oceans wide open following marine protection declaration

Source: Xinhua News, Fri May 15, 2009
Finally, after two years of effort to convince the world that ocean destruction is as much important as climate change effect, the World Ocean Conference (WOC) in Indonesia ended its session by issuing the Manado Ocean Declaration (MOD) on marine environmental protection on Thursday.

Solar Powered Hybrid Car From Toyota - Prius

Story contains video Source: MEADinfo, Sun May 03, 2009
Toyota's ecological Prius gas-electric hybrid will become even greener next year with solar-powered air conditioning on some high-end models,

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