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Positive news from Michigan

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Bicycles-Only ‘Freeway’ Opens In Detroit

Source: Infrastructionist, Tue May 26, 2009
In Motor City, land of disused structures, an overgrown old rail line has been excavated and turned into a spanking new bike thoroughfare.

Windswept Chihuahua Found by Pet Psychic

Source: Student Operated Press, Thu April 30, 2009
A chihuahua named Tinker Bell was swept up by winds gusting up to 70 mph on Saturday in the small town of Waterford Township, Michigan 25 miles northwest of Detroit.

Michigan lottery winner gives prize to charity

Source: MSNBC, Sun April 26, 2009
A Kalamazoo-area man who won $10,000 in the Michigan Lottery's Club Keno game has donated his winnings to a charity.

Traffic deaths decline as more people are buckling up

Source: Consumer Reports, Thu April 09, 2009
It’s becoming increasingly safer on the roads.

GM, Segway team up on 200-mpg 2-seater

Source: USA Today, Wed April 08, 2009
General Motors (GM) is teaming with Segway, the scooter company, to develop a battery-powered vehicle to cut urban congestion and pollution.

Obama signs wide-ranging conservation law

Source: Terra Daily, Wed April 01, 2009
Washington, D.C., USA - President Barack Obama signed legislation on Monday expanding and protecting US public parks and wilderness areas from oil and gas development, billed as the largest US conservation measure in more than 15 years.

Chain Results in 10 Kidney Swaps Among Strangers

Source: ABC News, Sun March 15, 2009
Petoskey, Michigan, USA - When Matthew Jones decided to donate a kidney to a stranger, the Michigan father of five had no idea he'd be starting a lifesaving, "pay it forward" chain.

A global lesson in volunteerism

Source: Oakland Press, Mon March 02, 2009
Pontiac, Michigan, USA - Sixth-graders at Herrington Elementary School are reaching out beyond their own neighborhood to help children in another part of the world.

Coconuts and Soybeans: Interior Materials for the Car of the Future?

Source: Motor Trend, Mon January 19, 2009
Waco, Texas, USA - Your next car just might sport soybean-based seats and coconut-based floorboards and trunk liners.

Tennessee goes for green-energy jobs

Source: The Tennessean, Mon January 12, 2009
Knoxville, Tennessee, USA - Tennessee is working hard to position itself to take advantage of a revolution in manufacturing that could bring thousands of new, high-paying "green energy" jobs in such fields as biofuels, solar and wind energy.

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