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Positive news from Michigan

More positive news from Michigan

Ford: Hydrogen cars close to production

Source: Yahoo! News, Wed July 11, 2007
Dearborn, Michigan, USA - The relatively quick-and-easy answer to foreign oil dependence and automotive greenhouse gas emissions is circling the grounds every day at Orlando International Airport in Florida, according to a top Ford Motor Co. official.

Jogger Trips Suspected Wallet-Snatcher

Source: CBS News, Sun July 08, 2007
Ferndale, Michigan, USA - The long arm of the law caught up to a suspected thief, but not without help from a jogger's well-placed foot.

Paul Newman Donates $5,000 to Drama Club

Source: Daily Reflector, Thu July 05, 2007
Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA - Ypsilanti High School drama teacher Michelle Peet checked her mailbox Monday and discovered the color of money.

Palumbo M80 concept—the sporty hybrid

Source:, Tue June 05, 2007
Detroit, Michigan, USA - The Palumbo M80 concept is considered the next revolutionary sport car of our generation.

Honda’s hydrogen fuel cell concept car to go into production next year

Tokyo, Japan - The age of the hybrid fuel cell car has arrived -- with a whisper.

Chevy Sequel:  300 Miles On One Tank Of Hydrogen

Source: Technology News Daily, Wed May 16, 2007
Honeoye Falls, New York, USA - General Motors Corp. made history today -- as its Chevy Sequel became the first electrically-driven fuel cell vehicle to achieve 300 miles on one tank of hydrogen, in and out of traffic on public roads, while producing zero emissions.

Over a ton of drugs, $500,000 in narcotics collected in 2007 Earth Keeper Pharmaceutical Clean Sweep

Story contains video Source: Earth Keeper, Thu May 10, 2007
Marquette, MI - Northern Michigan Residents Turn In Tens of Thousands of Pharmaceuticals Weighing Over One Ton Narcotics Have Estimated Street Value of $500,000 (Marquette, Michigan) - Northern Michigan residents turned in tens of thousands of pills plus narcotics with an estimated street value of half a million dollars during the third annual Earth Keeper Clean Sweep.

Ancient Gladiator Mosaic Found in Roman Villa

Outside Rome, Italy - A newly discovered mosaic might depict a 'superstar' gladiator -- a fighter who won the hearts of the people much like Maximus, the general-turned-fighter played by Russell Crowe in the 2000 film "Gladiator."

Outdated Medication Collection Breaks National Record

Source: WLUC, Tue May 08, 2007
Upper Peninsula Region, Michigan - This year's Clean Sweep program has broken records and put pharmaceutical drugs in the right hands ... Over a ton of medication was collected in 19 locations around Upper Michigan in just three hours.

AEP seeks proposals for 1,000 MW of wind power in eastern states

Source: Inside GreenTech, Thu April 05, 2007
Columbus, Ohio, USA - American Electric Power (NYSE: AEP) has issued two requests for proposals (RFPs) seeking long-term wind energy purchase agreements, the first steps toward a goal of adding 1,000 megawatts of new wind energy by 2011.

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