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Positive news from Michigan

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Drinking red wine may help prevent deafness

Source: The Scotsman, Sun May 14, 2006
Ann Arbor, MI - Age-related deafness, and hearing loss caused by loud noise, may be reduced by the antioxidants in red wine, green tea and aspirin, it was claimed yesterday.

Goodbye to gas-guzzling Hummer H1

Source: Miami Herald, Sat May 13, 2006
Detroit, MI - ith its intimidating bulk and military-style design, the Hummer H1 still serves as a head-turner.

Hybrid Vehicle Sales More Than Double

Source: CBS, Thu May 04, 2006
Detroit - U.S. hybrid vehicle sales more than doubled last year, according to new data released Thursday, although they still only comprise slightly more than 1 percent of U.S. vehicle sales.

Chrysler to expand ethanol lineup

Source: Detroit Free Press, Tue April 25, 2006
Detroit, MI - The Chrysler Group is expected to announce today it will broaden its lineup of models that can burn ethanol fuels, part of a growing march of politicians and automakers hailing ethanol as a salve for the nation's rising energy bill.

Researchers win money to develop breath test to detect breast cancer

Source: Biology News Net, Tue April 04, 2006
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA - One of the biggest problems in fighting breast cancer is the lack of inexpensive, early detection diagnostic tools.

Michigan Officials Seek Tough Clearing Rules

Traverse City, Michigan, USA - Tighter restrictions should be imposed on clearing vegetation from Great Lakes shorelines because it alters water chemistry and damages fish habitat, state regulators said.

Granholm signs law to fight fraud

Source: south Bend Tribune, Fri January 06, 2006
Lansing, Michigan - Whistleblowers can sue a Medicaid provider on the state's behalf to fight fraud under legislation signed Tuesday by Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

University of Michigan suspends Coca-Cola sales over allegations

Source:, Sat December 31, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI - The University of Michigan suspended sales of Coca-Cola products on its three campuses over allegations that the company permits human rights and environmental abuses abroad.

Company donates artificial leg for puppy

Source: MSNBC, Sat December 17, 2005
Flint Township, MI - Peg, a 4-month-old puppy born without an ankle joint or right paw, will always have �a little hitch in her giddyup,� says Rex Miller.

Crystal Sponges Excel At Sopping Up CO2

Source: Climate Science, Fri December 02, 2005
Anne Arbor, MI - Since the Industrial Revolution, levels of carbon dioxide---a major contributor to the greenhouse effect---have been on the rise, prompting scientists to search for ways of counteracting the trend.

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