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Positive news from Michigan

More positive news from Michigan

Anonymous donor promises college tuition to all KPS graduates

Source:, Thu December 01, 2005
Kalamazoo, MI - Starting with the Class of 2006, students who graduate from Kalamazoo Public Schools will be promised a four-year scholarship to any public college or university in Michigan, KPS officials announced tonight.

Woolly Mammoth Tusks Yield Clues to Animals’ Lives

Source: National Geographic, Mon November 28, 2005
Anne Arbor, MI - A woolly mammoth that died millennia ago nursed for at least six years, according to an analysis of one of its tusks. The finding raises the question: Did its mother finally get tired of being poked?

Findings identify likely origins of prostate cancer

Source: USA Today, Fri October 28, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI - Researchers have found a set of genes that may play a key role in prostate cancer - a discovery that doctors are hailing as a major breakthrough that changes the way they think about the genetic roots of the disease.

Ford Launches Hybrid Initiative

Source: Washington Post, Thu September 22, 2005
Dearborn, MI - Ford Motor Co. jumped on the hybrid-car bandwagon yesterday with a promise to boost production tenfold to 250,000 cars and trucks per year by 2010, a decision that moves hybrids closer to the mainstream of the U.S. auto market.

Skull study sheds light on dinosaur diversity

Source: Biology News Net, Sun September 18, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI - With their long necks and tails, sauropod dinosaurs---famous as the Sinclair gasoline logo and Fred Flintstone's gravel pit tractor---are easy to recognize, in part because they all seem to look alike.

Child of War Says Jennings Saved His Life

Source: ABC News, Thu August 11, 2005
Grand Rapids, MI - Today Eki Foco is a strapping young man happy to be living in Grand Rapids, Mich., but back in 1994 when he first met Peter Jennings, Foco was a 13-year-old kid living through the hell that was Sarajevo.

Cheerleaders Use Chant to Help Police

Source: ABC News, Mon August 08, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI - A man who left an accident scene was tracked down with the help of some cheerleaders who witnessed the crash and turned his license plate number into a cheer, police said.

Homework really does pay: Students with part-time jobs study on the clock

Source: CNN, Sat August 06, 2005
Genoa Township, MI - Students working at some McDonald's restaurants around the country are getting paid whether they are flipping burgers or flipping through textbooks.

USDA releases funds to restore wetlands in 20 states

Source: Capitol Reports, Tue August 02, 2005
Washington, DC - Agriculture Deputy Secretary Chuck Conner has announced the availability of $5 million in the Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) for restoration activities in 20 states.

Ford Rushes New Hybrid SUV

Source: Washington Post, Mon July 11, 2005
Detroit, MI - Ford Motor Co., the second-largest U.S. automaker, began taking orders yesterday for a hybrid version of its Mercury Mariner sport-utility vehicle a year earlier than planned in response to increased interest.

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