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Positive news from Minnesota

Surprise: Burglaries Down Despite Downturn

During recessions, crime tends to rise, especially burglaries and other financial-related offenses.

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More positive news from Minnesota

Surprise: Burglaries Down Despite Downturn

Source: NPR, Wed November 11, 2009
During recessions, crime tends to rise, especially burglaries and other financial-related offenses.

Minnesota town gets healthy together

Source: USA Today, Thu October 15, 2009
Hardware store owner and heart attack survivor Leo Aeikens spent most of his life hankering for meat, cheese and ice cream.

Feds designate $320 million to improve Mississippi River water quality

Source: San Luis Obispo Tribune, Wed September 30, 2009
The river that begins as a trickle in Itasca State Park in Minnesota and ends 2,350 miles later at the Gulf of Mexico will get a $320 million infusion from the federal government to improve water quality.

Record number of Green candidates run in 2009 elections

A record number of Green Party candidates are running for public office throughout the US, with many campaigning for reelection along with fresh new Green faces.

$9 flights from JetAmerica on sale now

Source:, Wed May 27, 2009
JetAmerica, the low-cost carrier which is said to have been modeled after low-cost European carrier Ryanair, is selling $9 flights from New York, Detroit, Orlando, Michigan and Minneapolis starting today (May 27).

B-Line Small by Hive Modular

Source: Inhabitat, Mon March 09, 2009
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA - Part of living lightly on the planet is reducing the square footage of your home and living space.

Judge overturns decision on gray wolves

Source: MSNBC, Wed October 01, 2008
Traverse City, MIchigan, USA - A federal court Monday overturned the Bush administration's decision to remove gray wolves in the western Great Lakes region from the endangered species list.

‘Green’ Clothing Offers More Than Eco Awareness

Source: CBS 2, Wed July 16, 2008
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA - Cheap clothing and electronics have led many consumers to treat those products as disposable items.

‘I’m so grateful for getting shot out of the sky’

Source: Arizona Daily Star, Sun March 16, 2008
Bialla, Papua New Guinea - The Japanese fighter caught the American pilot from behind, riddling his plane with machine-gun rounds. The left engine burst into flames. It was time to bail out.

New Proposal For Canada Lynx Habitat

Source: CBS News, Sun March 02, 2008
Washington, D.C., USA - Federal wildlife managers have dramatically increased the amount of land they want to designate as critical habitat for the Canada lynx, a threatened species.

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