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Dodo skeleton find in Mauritius

Source: BBC News, Mon June 26, 2006
Mauritius - Scientists say they have discovered part of the skeleton of a dodo, the large, flightless bird which became extinct more than 300 years ago.

Producing Bio-Ethanol From Agricultural Waste A Step Closer

Source: Terra Daily, Mon June 12, 2006
Netherlands - Research conducted by Delft University of Technology has brought the efficient production of the environmentally-friendly fuel bio-ethanol a great deal closer to fruition.

Stolen Van Gogh returned after 7 years

Source: ABC, Sun March 19, 2006
Amsterdam - A Dutch bank got a bonus on Thursday when police turned up with its stolen Van Gogh painting during an earnings news conference.

Global Reporting Initiative Launches Web Site for G3 Draft Guidelines

Source:, Mon December 26, 2005
Amsterdam, Netherlands - The Global Reporting Initiative has launched a new Web site to host the latest version of its Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, known as G3.

GREAT LAKES: Norway to promote peace and development through culture, sports

Source: IRIN News, Fri December 02, 2005
Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Norway launched a programme on Friday to support culture and sports in developing countries, especially among people in conflict zones such as Africa's Great Lakes region.

Dutch Propose Tighter CO2 Limits

Source: Planet Ark, Thu November 17, 2005
Amsterdam - The Dutch government wants to tighten carbon dioxide pollution limits for industry to meet its commitments under the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, the environment ministry said on Wednesday.

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