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Indian Ocean tsunami warning system underway

Source: Radio New Zealand, Thu November 17, 2005
Sumatra, Indonesia - Work has begun on building an early warning system for tsunamis in the Indian Ocean, eleven months after the December 26 event which killed approximately 275,000 people.

Heart patient has first turbocharger fitted

Source: New Scientist, Thu May 19, 2005
Aukland, New Zealand - The first patient to be fitted with a device designed to "turbocharge" an ailing heart, without greatly increasing the risk of blood clots and other life-threatening complications, is recovering in a New Zealand hospital following surgery earlier this month.

New Zealand Tags $1.2 Million for Sustainable Tourism

Source: Green Biz, Thu February 24, 2005
Aukland, New Zealand - A $1.2 million project to help New Zealand tourism operators tap into the rewards of smart environmental business practice has been introduced by Tourism Minister Mark Burton and Environment Minister Marian Hobbs.

NZ unveils Stonehenge replica

Source: BBC, Thu February 17, 2005
Wairarapa, NZ - Nestled into the verdant hills of the New Zealand region of the Wairarapa is the world's newest "Stonehenge" but this henge is no mere pastiche.

Stoat traps boost kiwis’ survival chances

Source: Stuff, Sun January 23, 2005
Arthur's Pass National Park, NZ - The survival chances of the great spotted kiwi - one of the largest and shyest of the kiwi species - have been helped by the setting of 120 stoat traps in Arthur's Pass National Park.

Dolphins save swimmers from shark

Source: The Guardian Unlimited, Tue November 23, 2004
New Zealand - It emerged yesterday that four swimmers were saved from a great white shark by a pod of altruistic dolphins, who swam in circles around them until the humans could escape.

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