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Positive news from North Korea

More positive news from North Korea

US and N Korea upbeat over talks

Source: BBC, Sun September 02, 2007
Envoys from the US and North Korea have expressed optimism after a first day of talks on normalising relations.

UN agency confirms N. Korea reactor shutdown

Source: Yahoo! News, Mon July 16, 2007
Seoul, North Korea - The UN's nuclear watchdog confirmed Monday that North Korea has shut the reactor which produces bomb-making plutonium ...

UN nuclear inspectors reach ‘understanding’ with N Korea

Source: AFP, Fri June 29, 2007
Seoul, Korea - UN inspectors on Friday said they had reached a "mutual understanding" with North Korea after visiting a nuclear reactor at the centre of efforts to disarm the communist country.

Hopes raised after NKorea invites UN inspectors

Source: AFP, Sun June 17, 2007
Seoul - Hopes were raised Sunday that North Korea would soon begin dismantling its atomic weapons programmes, after the communist state invited UN inspectors to discuss shutting down its main nuclear reactor.

First train to cross DMZ sparks celebration in Korea

Source: Manila Times, Mon May 21, 2007
Munsan Station, South Korea - Crowds cheered while a small group of protesters wept Thursday as the first train to cross the inter-Korean border in 56 years set off from Munsan Station Thursday.

NKorea says readying nuclear shutdown: envoys this article opens in a new window

Source: AFP, Sat March 17, 2007
Beijing, China - North Korea said Saturday that it had begun preparations to shutdown and seal its key Yongbyon atomic reactor in a step toward honouring a landmark nuclear disarmament deal.

East Asian leaders shelve differences to pressure NKorea

Source: AFP, Sun January 14, 2007
CEBU, Philippines - East Asian leaders have shelved differences to put pressure on North Korea as countries around the region prepared to wrap up days of diplomatic summits with their biggest meeting of all.

Seoul to Give 100,000 Tons of Rice to North Korea

Source: The Korea Times, Tue August 22, 2006
Seoul, Korea - The government will begin shipping 100,000 tons of rice and other emergency relief supplies to North Korea before the end of this month to help repair damages from recent flooding there, a senior government official said Sunday.

South Korean Emergency Aid Heads For North

Source: Terra Daily, Sun August 06, 2006
Seoul, Korea - The first shipment of emergency aid from South Korea to the North since devastating floods last month, which reportedly left up to 10,000 people dead or missing, left on Thursday, an aid group said

Amid Mines and Barbed Wire, Wildlife Thrives in a Cold War No Man’s Land

Source: ENN, Thu May 11, 2006
Yanggu, South Korea - Within earshot of a truckload of South Korean troops, a family of wild boars approaches a military base looking for an afternoon snack. Just down the road, water deer dash into a forest dotted with mines.

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