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Positive news from North Korea

More positive news from North Korea

N. Korea May Be Willing to Drop Nuke Plan

Source: Washington Post, Sun August 21, 2005
Washington, DC - North Korea apparently is willing to abandon its nuclear weapons programs, with a breakthrough possible in the current round of international talks, South Korea's foreign minister said Sunday.

Demilitarised Zone that Divides Koreas Serves as Nature Preserve

Source: Planet Ark, Wed August 17, 2005
Dorasan - The Demilitarised Zone that divides the Korean peninsula has been a no man's land for over 50 years and because of that, it has also become a wildlife sanctuary for a variety of plant and animal life.

N. Korea Agrees to Open-Ended Nuclear Talks, U.S. Official Says

Source: Bloomberg, Tue July 26, 2005
Beijing, China - North Korea and the five nations trying to persuade the world's most isolated nation to dismantle its nuclear weapons program are willing to stay in Beijing as long as needed to reach an agreement, a senior U.S. official told reporters today, following the first meeting after a 13-month hiatus.

North Korea Pledges to Seek Nuclear Free Peninsula

Source: Bloomberg, Mon July 25, 2005
Beijing, China - North Korea promised to strive to rid the Korean peninsula of nuclear weapons as six-nation talks aimed at dismantling the Stalinist nation's atomic arms program began in Beijing today.

North to return to talks in last week of July

Source: Herald Tribune, Mon July 11, 2005
South Korea - While welcoming North Korea's Saturday announcement that it will return to the six-party talks over its nuclear weapons program later this month, officials in both Seoul and Washington emphasized that "real progress" needs to be made in those negotiations.

North Korea Declares its Bird Flu Outbreak Over

Source: Planet Ark, Sat July 09, 2005
Seoul, Korea - North Korea has confirmed that a bird flu outbreak that began in February had been stamped out, three months after a UN body declared the outbreak over.

U.S. donates food aid to keep North Koreans from starving

Source: CBC, Thu June 23, 2005
Washington, DC - The United States is to donate 50,000 tonnes of food aid to North Korea amid growing fears of a new famine.

NKorea, SKorea resume dialogue after 10-month break

Source: Forbes, Mon May 16, 2005
Seoul, Korea - North and South Korea have resumed reconciliation talks after a 10-month hiatus, overshadowed by tension over Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program.

UNESCO treaty on protecting oral traditions could come into force next year

Source: UN News Centre, Mon February 21, 2005
New York City - A treaty to protect the world's oral traditions, performing arts, social practices, craftsmanship and knowledge of nature is on track to enter into force next year following a slew of new ratifications, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) said today.

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