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Canada declares BPA Toxic, Sets Stage For More Bans

Source: Planet Ark, Sun October 17, 2010
Canada has declared bisphenol A a toxic chemical, prompting calls for far-reaching curbs on the industrial chemical that is used in everything from the linings of aluminum cans to coatings on electronic till receipts.

Hair may signal pending heart attack

Source: Globe and Mail, Sun September 05, 2010
In the not too distant future, your family doctor may pluck a hair from your head to see if you’re in imminent danger of a heart attack.

First women inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame

Story contains video Source: Macleans, Wed August 11, 2010
Torontonian Angela James and American Cammi Granato have become the first two women to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, announced the Hall yesterday. The ceremony will take place this November.

Canada to phase out older coal-fired power plants

Source: Reuters, Mon June 28, 2010
Canada will phase out older coal-fired power plants to cut the country's greenhouse gas emissions, Environment Minister Jim Prentice said on Wednesday, as it moves to make natural-gas fired plants the new clean-power standard.

Canada, U.S. to regulate emissions of heavy vehicles

Source: National Post, Fri May 21, 2010
Canada and the United States will work together to slash greenhouse gas emissions by regulating emissions from heavy-duty vehicles, Environment Minister Jim Prentice announced Friday.

Science Fair Wiz Kid Creates Hungry Microbes That Feast on Plastic Bags

Source: ChattahBox, Sun August 09, 2009
A 16-year-old science fair winner from Waterloo, Canada may be responsible for saving the environment from the 500 billion plastic bags that pollute our land and oceans worldwide every year.

Found Goodwill paintings fetch $150,000 at auction

Source: Metro Canada, Sat June 13, 2009
The two paintings were extraordinary — Helen Zhuang knew the minute she laid her eyes on them.

Canada to match U.S. car fuel rules

Source: Globe and Mail, Thu May 21, 2009
Canada will match tough new U.S. vehicle emission standards that President Barack Obama said yesterday will force the auto industry to develop more fuel-efficient cars to deal with global warming.

Easy-to-use bike rental scheme planned for Toronto

Source: CBC, Tue April 28, 2009
Toronto may become the latest city to operate a fleet of stylish and convenient rental bicycles.

Wal-Mart Canada Opens First Environmental Demo Store

Source: Here's How!, Fri January 23, 2009
Burlington, Ontario, Canada - Wal-Mart Canada's latest store location in Burlington, ON is the first large-scale Canadian retail operation to employ geothermal technology, energy-conserving lighting, and other sustainable features in an effort to help the environment.

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