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Philippines and Muslim rebels sign key peace plan

Source: BBC, Mon October 15, 2012
The Philippines has signed a framework peace plan with the country's largest Muslim rebel group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

Conservationists pledge to double number of tiny buffalo

Source: Mongabay, Wed July 25, 2012
The World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines (WWF-Philippines) has joined top academic institution Far Eastern University (FEU), alongside well-established environmental groups in Mindoro, with the goal of doubling the wild tamaraw population from 300 to 600 by 2020.

‘Pyramids’ planted to revive Philippine corals

Source: Outcome Magazine, Fri February 10, 2012
Thousands of small 'pyramids' are being planted off the Philippines' famous Boracay resort island in an effort to bring its nearly destroyed coral reefs back to life, an environment group said Thursday.

Social project uses pop bottles to provide indoor lighting for the poor

Story contains video Source: GizMag, Sat September 17, 2011
Perhaps you've performed that old camping trick before, where you created a lantern by shining a flashlight into a water-filled bottle. While that may have helped you find your marshmallows in the dark, imagine how much brighter that bottle would have been if it were lit directly by the Sun.

More Than 300 New Species Discovered in the Philippines

This spring, scientists from the California Academy of Sciences braved leeches, lionfish, whip-scorpions and a wide variety of other biting and stinging creatures to lead the most comprehensive scientific survey effort ever conducted in the Philippines, documenting both terrestrial and marine life forms from the tops of the highest mountains to the depths of the sea.

Philippines to curb worst forms of child labour

Source: MSN News, Fri April 08, 2011
The Philippines has vowed to crackdown on the worst forms of child labour under a new programme for its estimated 2.4 million underage workers.

25 Years Later, Some Justice for Marcos Victims

Source: New York Times, Tue March 01, 2011
The last time Nilo Olegario heard his son’s voice was in a telephone call 25 years ago, shortly before the former strongman Ferdinand Marcos fled the Philippines in the face of a “people power” uprising.

‘E-jeepneys’ hit the road

Source: Sideways News, Tue November 10, 2009
A fleet of battery-powered Jeepneys set off on their maiden voyage in Makati, the financial district of Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

New forest helps save villages

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer, Wed November 04, 2009
Over the past month, typhoons “Pepeng” and “Ramil” lashed northern Luzon, but residents of a town in Cagayan province are thanking their young trees for sparing their place from killer landslides that buried villages in other mountainside communities.

Upland farmers hired to reforest Antique’s mountainous barangays

A total of 220 farmer-members of upland farmers' organizations in the towns of Barbaza and Libertad in northern Antique have engaged in Community Based Forest Management (CBFM) and reforestation project, a program of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) under the Comprehensive Livelihood and Emergency Employment Program (CLEEP).

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